Monty Python Philosopher’s Football Match

If you are even vaguely familiar with German and Ancient Greek philosophers, you will get a kick out of this funny clip!


Philosophy Club and Department Events

My apologies for not keeping in touch with you as much I would have liked this semester. I am planning on having two more cafe philo before the semester ends. The next cafe philo will be April 23rd at 6:30pm in the Philosophy Lounge in Coughlin Hall. The next cafe philo will serve as a celebration for reaching the end of the semester. This will be on May 2nd at 7pm in the Lounge as well. Food and drink will be provided for both events. On April 20th beginning at 10am in Lalumeire Hall, phi sigma tau and the philosophy club are proud to present the 6th annual “Life Examined” Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. This is a great way to see philosophy in action. Tell your friends!

These are the great events that are going on in the wonderful world of our Philosophy Department —

4/17/2013 Work in Progress Brownbag Luncheon, 4:00 P.M., Department Commons, Coughlin 139. Jered Janes

4/20/2013 Annual Undergraduate Conference. Details forthcoming.

4/25/2013 Marquette Ethics and Political Philosophy Workshop, Cora Diamond (University of Virginia). Contact Theresa Tobin for additional information.

4/26/2013 3:30 P.M. Colloquium Series, Cora Diamond (University of Virginia)

If you have any questions or want to know more about undergraduate conference opportunites, feel free to contact me!

Call for Papers for our 5th annual “Life Examined” Spring Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Marquette University

Undergraduate Philosophy Conference
Milwaukee, WI
April 20th, 2013


Call for Papers

The Marquette Undergraduate Philosophy Committee is looking for submissions for our 5th annual Life Examined spring conference, aimed at encouraging dialogue between students and the audience about important philosophical topics.

We welcome papers from undergraduate students on any topic of philosophy. Selection criteria will include both overall quality as well as diversity of theme and thesis. Submissions should be approximately 8-10 pages. Longer papers will be considered but presenters will have 20 minutes to present their work.
Submission deadline: March 8th, 2013.

Send submissions, prepared for blind peer review, as an email attachment to

 In the body of the email include the author’s name, college affiliation, contact information, and title of the paper. Include no identifying information in the file with the paper. Decisions will be made by late-March.

For more information, email
Calvin Nixon with any questions.

Salutatio! Welcome back

As we kick-off another year, the Philosophy Club has a renewed mindset to make philosophy “enjoyable” again at Marquette University. It is understandable that the study of philosophy is not the easiest subject from which to choose, but my hope is to make it interesting at our bi-weekly “Cafe Philo” meetings in Coughlin Hall. As the new President of the Philosophy Club, it is a true pleasure to  work and engage with like-minded and motivated undergraduate students who enjoy good discussion surrounding big key issues whether it be in politics, ethics, or feminism. With that said, I am excited to blaze this new path with you and promote this ancient discipline to the best of my ability.


LIFE EXAMINED III: Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, April 9

You have philosophical questions? Let’s have a conversation! Come to…


An Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

April 9, 2011

CU 001

Conference Schedule (All papers written by undergraduate students)

10:00 a.m.: Welcome, by Dr. James South (Chair of the Philosophy Department)

10:05: Jordan Crowe, “Living and Loving Dialogically”

10:40: Peter Jorgensen, “Amalgamation of Anthitheses: Combining Absurdity and Critical Consciousness”

11:15: Marian Pintar, “Dance, Dance Revolution: A Look at Camus through the Lens of Dance”

11:45: Paul Nona, “Smiles, Speeches, Samples, & Sandwiches: An Examination of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Business Marketing Tactics and Resulting Influence on Physician Prescribing Habits and Ethical Implications Associated”

12:30-1:45: LUNCH BREAK

1:45: Kyle Hill, “Biological Utility: A Natural View of the Greatest Good”

2:30: Alex Heaton, “Epistemological Realism and Science’s Success”

3:15: Keynote address by Vivien Cheng, “Non-Deviant Composite Theory of Personal Identity: Dexter’s Inauthentic Personal Identity”

Marquette Undergraduate Conference: DEADLINE SATURDAY

Hi everyone,

If you’re planning on submitting an essay to the third annual Marquette Undergraduate Conference (held April 9), then get your essay in! Submissions are due this SATURDAY; essays will be reviewed shortly thereafter.

All areas of philosophy are welcome. Please send your submission (8-12 pages, double-spaced, name removed but title intact) to:


Third Annual Marquette Undergraduate Philosophy Conference: CFP

It’s that time!

The Philosophy Department will be hosting its third annual celebration of undergraduate philosophical work at Marquette. A link to promotional materials for the conference is below, but here are the details in text format:

Submissions in all areas of philosophy are welcome. Submitted papers should have the author’s name omitted, be 8-12 pages long (20-25 minutes reading time), and should be sent to Melissa Shew:

Papers are due Thursday, March 10. They will be reviewed by a committee of undergraduate students on March 11; notifications will be sent to students shortly thereafter.

The conference will be held on Saturday, April 9 in Cudahy 001.

I encourage you to submit an essay to this conference, and to notify people you think might be interested.

Please direct all inquiries to Dr. Shew.

Undergrad Conference Flier


Irish Philosophy and History: An Undergrad Event

An Evening of Irish History and Philosophy: Applied Ethical Philosophy

Featuring a talk by Dr. Bill Starr (Philosophy professor), live fiddle and guitar music by Philosophy graduate students, and discussion to follow by the Philosophy Club.

THURSDAY, MARCH 3: 6:30-8:30 P.M. in CUDAHY 131

From Dr. Starr: “Northern Ireland has had a terrible history for hundreds of years. After a long, bitter war between two Irish constituencies that wanted the same land, peace finally occurred in 1998 in the ‘Good Friday’ agreement. The talk will focus on the history leading up to this agreement, and the human rights issues that founded the agreement.”


For a PDF of the flier, please click below:

Irish flier