You have philosophical questions? Let’s have a conversation! Come to…


An Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

April 9, 2011

CU 001

Conference Schedule (All papers written by undergraduate students)

10:00 a.m.: Welcome, by Dr. James South (Chair of the Philosophy Department)

10:05: Jordan Crowe, “Living and Loving Dialogically”

10:40: Peter Jorgensen, “Amalgamation of Anthitheses: Combining Absurdity and Critical Consciousness”

11:15: Marian Pintar, “Dance, Dance Revolution: A Look at Camus through the Lens of Dance”

11:45: Paul Nona, “Smiles, Speeches, Samples, & Sandwiches: An Examination of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Business Marketing Tactics and Resulting Influence on Physician Prescribing Habits and Ethical Implications Associated”

12:30-1:45: LUNCH BREAK

1:45: Kyle Hill, “Biological Utility: A Natural View of the Greatest Good”

2:30: Alex Heaton, “Epistemological Realism and Science’s Success”

3:15: Keynote address by Vivien Cheng, “Non-Deviant Composite Theory of Personal Identity: Dexter’s Inauthentic Personal Identity”