Here are some upcoming events of note at Marquette, sponsored by EMPOWERMENT and the WGST, involving some of our own Philosophy Department members.
Monday, 11/15: Feminism 101
7:30 pm in Cudahy 001
What is feminism? Who is a feminist? Where does it come from and who can be one? The students in Empowerment are hosting an event to answer these very questions, and more! We will have a quick student-led presentation followed by a discussion about feminism, based on whatever questions are raised.
Tuesday 11/16: ‘Doing’ Gender and Sexuality in the Family: Bringing theory home.
5:00 pm in Emory Clarke Hall 111
A panel and discussion with Marquette professors and students talking about the different ways a family can look, speaking from personal and academic experience. We study equality and justice at Marquette, and now we will look at some of the many different ways a family can look and work. From reworking gender roles to gay and lesbian partnership, Marquette professors will lead a discussion about gender and sexuality in everyday life.
Also, a WGST event that week:
Wednesday 11/17: Gender in ‘Twilight’: Is Twilight Sexist?
7:00 pm in David Straz Hall, Room 105
Watch clips from ‘Twilight’ (sorry, not enough time to view the whole movie) and discuss gender attitudes in the movie and book series, and what its popularity may mean.